IBN’s strategic objectives

IBN’s objective is to operate the world’s most cost-effective, secure and accessible market in professional grade bullion.

We want to do this because:

  • We believe there is a deficit of financial responsibility in many modern governments and financial institutions.
  • We believe that modern currencies and other paper-based value systems will inhibit savers from retaining their domestic and worldwide purchasing power.
  • We believe that using gold to provide protection from this problem is a strategy which has been inaccessible to individuals at a fair price.
  • We believe that we are uniquely well qualified to provide that accessibility and to manage the service in a way which maximizes security, accessibility and value for our customers.

We accept responsibility within the company for organizing IBN’s system controls and arranging individual responsibilities within the IBN team, and its custody providers, so as to maximize the security of customers’ gold.

The value of equity in the company would therefore be lost before any IBN customer incurred any loss resulting from breaches of faith or security on IBN.